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Catawba - Harriet Stokes

Hen Houses - Kate Woods

Hotel Roanoke: A New Day Dawns - Eric Fitzpatrick

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New Fare Boxes March 1, 2015

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At last, an illustrated history of Roanoke streetcars!

A new history of Roanoke's streetcars has been published by the Historical Society of Western Virginia! The book, The Street Railways of Roanoke 1887-1948, contains more than 100 photos of Roanoke's streetcars in its 152 pages, priced at $14.95. It is now on sale in the gift shop on the first floor of Center in the Square and the Virginia Museum of Transportation gift shop.

James E. Dalmas, a Roanoke native and a graduate of Virginia Heights Elementary School, Jefferson High and Virginia Tech, is the author. He has researched streetcars in Roanoke and Baltimore for many years and he is a past president of Baltimore Streetcar Museum.

Take the Kids to the Library on a Valley Metro Bus

Find out about current activities and library events by calling the Main Roanoke Library at 853-2955 or check www.roanokeva.gov/library

Valley Metro wants to remind you and your family that a bus trip to the library is a great way to spend an afternoon! All seven of the city's libraries are accessible by bus. Please consult the following list for the one in your neighborhood:

Gainsboro Branch:

  • Bus 15 (Outbound to Valley View Mall) or Bus 16 (Inbound)
  • Bus 85 (Outbound to Peter's Creek) or Bus 86 (Inbound)

Jackson Park Branch:

  • Bus 41 (Outbound to SE Roanoke) or Bus 42 (Inbound)
  • **Bus 42 offers a direct stop, after it leaves the 9th Street Industrial Park at 8:55 and 11:55am, or 1:55 and 3:55pm