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Valley Metro Announces VMGO

Valley Metro is pleased to announce its new Real-time Transit Passenger Information (RTPI) service VMGO. Valley Metro’s VMGO RTPI service will be launched in two distinct phases – Phase I will provide real-time transit information for the Smart Way, Smart Way Express, and Star Line Trolley. The target go-live date is September 23rd . Phase II will provide real-time transit information for all Valley Metro services. The target for Phase II is Summer 2021.

VMGO will provide real-time bus stop departure times via a smartphone, personal computer, and by calling a dedicated landline phone number. The VMGO app for smartphone users can be downloaded at the Google Play store for Android users and App Store (iOS) for Apple users. Digital LED displays with transit bus stop information will be installed at higher volume bus stops. Please visit www.valleymetro.com or www.vmgoapp.com or call 540-982-2222 for more details about the new VMGO service.

2019 Art by Bus & Writer by Bus

Art by Bus & Writer by Bus information is available at the Ride Solutions website.

Ride Solutions

Art by Bus

Catawba - Harriet Stokes

Hen Houses - Kate Woods

Hotel Roanoke: A New Day Dawns - Eric Fitzpatrick

Tinker View of Carvins Cove - Nan Mahone Wellborn



Art On Bus

Roanoke Times Article

New Fare Boxes March 1, 2015

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At last, an illustrated history of Roanoke streetcars!

A new history of Roanoke's streetcars has been published by the Historical Society of Western Virginia! The book, The Street Railways of Roanoke 1887-1948, contains more than 100 photos of Roanoke's streetcars in its 152 pages, priced at $14.95. It is now on sale in the gift shop on the first floor of Center in the Square and the Virginia Museum of Transportation gift shop.

James E. Dalmas, a Roanoke native and a graduate of Virginia Heights Elementary School, Jefferson High and Virginia Tech, is the author. He has researched streetcars in Roanoke and Baltimore for many years and he is a past president of Baltimore Streetcar Museum.

Take the Kids to the Library on a Valley Metro Bus

Find out about current activities and library events by calling the Main Roanoke Library at 853-2955 or check www.roanokeva.gov/library

Valley Metro wants to remind you and your family that a bus trip to the library is a great way to spend an afternoon! All seven of the city's libraries are accessible by bus. Please consult the following list for the one in your neighborhood:

Gainsboro Branch:

  • Bus 15 (Outbound to Valley View Mall) or Bus 16 (Inbound)
  • Bus 85 (Outbound to Peter's Creek) or Bus 86 (Inbound)

Jackson Park Branch:

  • Bus 41 (Outbound to SE Roanoke) or Bus 42 (Inbound)
  • **Bus 42 offers a direct stop, after it leaves the 9th Street Industrial Park at 8:55 and 11:55am, or 1:55 and 3:55pm