Alerts and Delays

Please be aware that during inclement weather schedules could change at anytime. Please check back for regular updates during inclement weather.

Please expect transit service delays due to multiple road construction projects and road closures. Please call Valley Metro with any questions 540.982.2222. Thank You!

Wednesday July 4, 2018

Valley Metro will be closed, in observance of Independence Day; no fixed route service and administrative office will be closed.

The Smart Way Connector to Amtrak will be the only bus running.

Construction Work 22 Route
6/19/2018 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Due to construction work taking place at this time, the inbound stop at Williamson Road and Compton will be moved across the street from Wendy’s, towards the Sheetz.
The regular stop will only be closed when construction zone is set up.

FRIDAY JUNE 22, 2018


There will be no service to Williamson Rd or Hershberger Rd. for the 21/22 starting the 4:15pm trip from Campbell Court till the end of the night.  There will be no service to Towne Square Blvd or Airport Rd. for the 25/26.  25/26 will stay on Hershberger to Kroger and the 25 will pick-up and drop off at the stops on Hershberger.  Passengers on Towne Square Blvd and Airport Rd will need to go to Rutgers, Hershberger Rd, or to Krogers.  Passengers on Williamson Rd will need to go to Hershberger, Rutgers, at the intersection of Oakland & Greenland, to Liberty on Hunt Ave, the 1st stop on Burrell St. from Orange Ave, or the stop on Gainsboro from 460. 



Jefferson St. should be closed from Elm Ave to Salem from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Routes 35/36, 41/42, 51/52 will use Williamson Rd. Jefferson St. passengers going to downtown will need to go to Elmwood Parking Garage to catch either the 52 or 42. 


Campbell Ave. between 4th & 5th St. will be closed from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  The closure will affect the 72 & 66 routes.  The 72 & 66 bus will go 5th to Salem to 3rd.  Passengers going downtown are asked to go to 3rd st at Campbell to catch the 76 to Campbell Court.



Greenland Ave & 10th St. intersection will be closed due to road work from Saturday 9/9/17 until the road work has been completed. 

Route 15 will detour on Greenhurst to Oakland to Greenland and resume regular route.  Route 16 will detour from Greenland to Oakland, to Greenhurst to 10th St and resume regular route.  All customers are asked to go to the 10th & Greenland stop or to Oakland & Greenland intersection to catch either the 15 or 16 route buses.

10th Street Detour Update 04/12/2018

The 11/12 route will be on normal route using 10th Street, from Madison to Rugby.  The 85/86 will no longer service down 11th Street.  Instead the 85/86 will now service Staunton Ave to 10th Street to Orange Ave, due to the removal of the traffic signal at 11th and Orange. 



Starting Jan 3rd 2017 due to extended road work on the Franklin Road Bridge, the 55/56 stop at Franklin Road and Woods Avenue will not be serviced.  Please expect delays due to the detour on the Tanglewood Mall Routes 51/52 and 55/56.  Please plan ahead if you are using these routes.  Regular routes will resume when bridge work is complete.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may create.


In order to keep the bus on schedule, so that everyone can make transfers, we ask kindly for customers to have their fare ready, and that they are at the stop when the bus is supposed to arrive.