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Title VI Compliant Procedures

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Title VI Program Objectives & Policy



The Smart Way Bus links Roanoke & the New River Valley.


REMINDER:  Buses stop at designated posted signs ONLY!




Various Invitations for Bid:

Request for Fax Quote for Repairs to After Treatment System...see attached

Request for Fax Quote - Executive Risk Liab

Request for Fax Quote - GL Auto and Umbrella

Request for Fax Quote - Property and Inland Marine

Request for Fax Quote - Underground Storage Tank

Request for Fax Quote for Rebuilt Transmission...see attached

Request for Fax Quote for Horizontal Band Saw...see attached


Request for Fax Quote for Tow Bar for 2014 Gillig low floor bus. ...see attached

Award for Replacing Fire Alarm System...see attached

Tabulations for 2015 Concrete Floor Repairs for Campbell Court

Request for Quote for Replacement of Door Hardware... see attached

Addendum #1 for the Replacement of Door Hardware...see attached

Addendum #2 for the Replacement of Door Hardware... see attached




Try our web link to find your bus stops and destinations!  See below!

Google Transit

Trip Planner

Trip planning is provided using Google Maps.

e.g. 1108 Campbell Ave. SE, Roanoke

e.g. Valley View Mall
Trip planning data is maintained using GTFS Manager from Trillium.



Amtrak rail customers can make reservations (bus & rail) from two origins of travel, Roanoke, VA (Roanoke Civic Center) or Blacksburg, VA (Squires Student Center)*. Go to www.amtrak.com and book your Amtrak and Smart Way Connector trip. For more information, please call (540) 982-0305.

The Smart Way Connector is our only service that operates 365 days a year.

*Service from Blacksburg available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

The SmartWay Connector map and schedule...see attached.

Parking at the Roanoke Civic Center is in Lot C between the parking cones only. Others may be towed.


What are you waiting for? Get your message ON the BUS! 

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